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Whether you are sending or receiving invoices billzy Deal can speed up payment to grow your business. With billzy Deal you can offer or negotiate discounts for early invoice payment, speeding up the cash flow cycle so you can focus on growing your business.

Maximise your cash flow with Invoice discounting through billzy Deal.

Why billzy Deal?

Want to improve your own margin by instantly negotiating discounts for early payment on the invoices you’ve received, meaning more cash in your pocket?

Reward yourself by paying your invoices with the billzy Intelligent Invoice ™.

  • Negotiate discount for early payment increasing your margin
  • Pay with credit card and earn valuable reward points while you grow your business.

Offer a deal anytime, up to the due date. billzy takes care of the rest.

How billzy Deal works

Waiting for the payment of your invoices over a 30, 60 day term or longer can really impact your cash flow and stall the growth of your business. This is compounded the more invoices that you are waiting on payment for – with billzy Deal you can quickly negotiate faster payment maximising your cash flow.

Our clients vary from big to small

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