About Us


Billzy is an Australian fin-tech company founded by a group of building and construction entrepreneurs who understood the unique financial pressures facing not just the construction sector but also small businesses in general.

Running their own businesses they found the daily process of managing incoming and outgoing invoices, making payments, chasing up late payments and managing cashflow to be time consuming and inefficient.

Invoices would get lost in the mail or email inbox, bank details would be entered incorrectly, billers would only accept credit card details over the phone, there was no way to pay with Bank Transfer directly from an invoice, getting paid earlier was too hard, Invoices took a long time to get paid  etc etc…

They scoured the market for an all in one solution which would simplify their entire invoicing, payments and cashflow management process but none could be found.

Sure, there were hundreds of accounting packages and invoicing tools out there on the market offering easy invoice creation and even a ‘Pay Now’ button for Credit Cards.

And the banks were now offering great mobile apps allowing the easy transfer of funds.

There were even lots of finance companies willing to advance funds against future invoices.

However, you can’t receive and pay an invoice within an accounting platform and you certainly can’t issue invoices from your banking app. Negotiating discounts was not possible and securing short term funds from financiers was slow and involved mountains of paperwork.

The only option then was to build a solution themselves. So they did.

3 years later, after bringing together some of the best and brightest in the Australian financial and payment technology sector,  Billzy is proud to offer for the first time to the Australian market an all in one platform which addresses the three most important things for any trading community ie payments, invoicing and cashflow management.

Billzy holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 494176) and is accredited under the Payment Card Industry Data Security System (PCI-DSS).

Westpac Banking Corporation* is a Banking Service Provider for Billzy.


Running a small business is hard work.

From finding new customers to chasing up overdue invoices and managing cash flow, being your own boss takes strength and determination.

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